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Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc

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  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters was named the #1 most ethical corporation by Business Ethics Magazine
  • Green Mountain believes in environmental and social Stewardship®.  They promote public awareness of strong environmental, social and labor principles through support of a range of organizations -- Coffee Kids, Heifer International, Grounds for Health, EcoLogic Finance, the United Way, the Salvation Army and the Red Cross -- as well as libraries, religious organizations, schools, counseling centers and community food-shelves in coffee-growing communities around the world and in the communities in which our employees and customers live and work.
  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is an active supporter and participant in the Businesses for Social Responsibility (BSR), an organization dedicated to aiding business in Environmental and Social Stewardship. GMCR is also an active supporter and participant in the state chapter of this same organization (VBSR).
  •  The CAFE (Community Action For Employees) program enables employees to take paid time off to volunteer in their community wherever an employee sees a need.  This year the company employees will spend close to 2,000 hours volunteering at schools, fire departments, rescue squads, and numerous community organizations in the cities and towns where we work. Green Mountain volunteers also visit coffee growing communities in Mexico and Central America where they volunteer in projects to improve the health care and housing of coffee farmers and their families.
  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is ever vigilant for opportunities to help a wide variety of charitable causes, in Vermont, in the U.S. and in many coffee-growing countries around the world.
  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is committed to actions consistent with an environmental conscience in all aspects of our business operations. We at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters are proud of our Environmental and Social achievements. Join us in celebrating them, and our continued commitment to Environmental and Social Responsibility.
  • In December, 2002, Green Mountain Coffee, Inc. provided EcoLogic Enterprise Ventures, Inc. (EEV) of Cambridge, Massachusetts with a 0% interest loan of $100,000, to provide needed financing to small-scale coffee producers who grow some of Green Mountain Coffee's certified Fair Trade offerings.
  • Founded in late 1999, EcoLogic Enterprise Ventures, Inc. (EEV) is a nonprofit that operates as a "green" loan fund offering affordable financing to community-based enterprises located in environmentally sensitive areas of Latin America. Targeting the rural credit market, EEV provides small business loans to support productive activities that foster biodiversity conservation and grassroots economic development. Preference is given to businesses that are (i) located in and around protected terrestrial, coastal, and marine habitats; and (ii) unable to secure financing from conventional commercial sources due to their small size, lack of collateral and/or operating history, and the financial risks associated with the locale. Target sectors include sustainable agriculture (especially coffee), certified wood, sustainable fisheries, and ecotourism. EEV restricts its lending to groups with established market linkages to international trading companies that are undertaking commercial pursuits for conservation purposes.




Waterbury, VT, 05676
United States
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