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Christine Gregoire

Governor Christine Gregoire Governor Christine Gregoire
  • Governor Gregoire’s hands-on approach  helped broker an agreement among multiple parties to create water storage management programs for the Columbia River, ending a 25-year stalemate that benefits farmers, industrial users and local communities.
  • While director of the Washington Department of Ecology, Gregoire negotiated the safe cleanup and permanent storage of radioactive waste at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. The site is heralded as the largest environmental cleanup project in the world.
  • Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire (D) has signed into law two bills that some are calling the most progressive renewable-energy legislation in any U.S. state. The measures earned bipartisan support thanks to their focus on creating a renewables market that would generate jobs and boost the state's economy. One bill calls for a credit to be paid to home and business owners for each kilowatt-hour of electricity they generate via solar photovoltaic and wind-power systems, with higher credits paid if the energy systems are manufactured in-state. The second offers tax breaks to renewable-energy businesses that relocate to or already reside in Washington, with increased tax incentives for those that set up shop in economically depressed areas. Gregoire also signed a number of other environmental bills on Friday, including one that adopts California's tough car-emissions standards. Now, if she can just hang onto that governorship ...


  • Washington State Gov. Christine Gregoire may veto legislation that would be the toughest in the nation at making sure toys are free of (or low in) lead, cadmium, phthalates, and other toxins. Even though a slew of amendments exempt certain playthings, from tricycles to pellet guns to sleds, Big Toy officials have warned Gregoire that the bill is still too restrictive, since it doesn't exempt lead solder used on computer components in the innards of some toys. But the bill already exempts batteries, software, and calculators; those exemptions would cover inner lead solder, says Nick Federici of the Washington Toxics Coalition, who has met with Gregoire to urge her to pass the bill as is.
  • Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire (D) signed into law the toughest electronic-waste recycling measure in the U.S. -- good news for a state brimming with Microsoft techies who upgrade their systems once a quarter. The bill will require TV and computer makers to collect, transport, and dispose of the e-devices at their own expense starting in 2009. The Washington Department of Ecology estimates that state residents discard over 1 million heavy-metal-laden TVs and monitors annually. Manufacturers wanted costs passed back to consumers -- California's e-waste law requires customers to pay a recycling fee when they buy a TV or computer, and Maine's law charges folks $2 per recycled item -- but lost out. Supporters say the new law will encourage makers to find ways to e-manufacture using fewer hazardous materials


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