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Philadelphia Eagles, Professional Football Team

Eagles Football Eagles Football

Since initiating the Go Green! program in 2003, the Philadelphia Eagles have made enormous strides in operating sustainably, significantly reducing the organization's impact on the environment. Since 2003, the Eagles have:

  • Replaced over 1 million plastic cups annually with cups made from a corn-based material, eliminating the consumption of over 14 tons of plastic.
  • Replaced some 20 tons, annually, of additional plastic, foam and paper flatware and dinnerware (plates, bowls, etc.) with sustainably-sourced alternatives.
  • Implemented energy conservation programs reducing electricity consumption at Lincoln Financial Field more than 15%.
  • Purchased over 11 gigawatt-hours of clean, renewable energy, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of some 1,000 homes. The reduction in greenhouse gases is about equal to removing 1,500 cars from the road for one year.
  • Increased renewable energy purchases to about 30% of the organization's total electricity use.
  • Secured 100% wind energy from its local utility, PECO, to power the stadium during home games.
  • Recycled over 375 tons of waste, equal to the annual waste stream of about 550 Americans. This recycling also saves energy equivalent to about 173 homes' annual electricity use and eliminates greenhouse gas emissions comparable to 190 cars driven for one year.
  • Installed a solar electricity generation system at NovaCare Center.
  • Purchased about 135 tons of recycled paper, saving 2,300 trees when compared to non-recycled paper.
  • In 2007, the Eagles converted to 100% post-consumer recycled paper for all soft-tissue products, which will yield an additional annual savings of 10 tons of paper, or about 170 trees.
  • Also in late 2007, the Eagles broke ground on the Eagles Forest, at Neshaminy State Park. The 3,900 trees and shrubs at this 6.5-acre site will remove some 25 tons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere over 20 years. A portion of the park is allocated to carefully monitored tree planting designed to offset the carbon emissions due to the team's chartered airline travel.
  • The Eagles organization has also recently implemented a policy of paying the cost difference between wind power and conventional power for employees' homes. The participating employees are eliminating the emissions of 24 tons of carbon dioxide each year.

Since 2003, Go Green! has had a cumulative impact approximately equivalent to:

  • Energy conservation and green power generation sufficient to provide electricity to 1,300 homes for one year
  • Eliminating the greenhouse gas emissions of almost 1,800 automobiles
  • Eliminating the trash stream of over 550 Americans
  • Saving 2,300 trees

Continuing at our current levels, our Go Green! efforts will have the following impact every year:

  • Energy conservation and green power generation sufficient to provide electricity to almost 900 homes
  • Eliminating the greenhouse gas emissions of about 1,200 automobiles
  • Eliminating the trash stream of about 200 Americans Saving over 1,000 trees

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