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Dave Mathews Band

Dave-Matthews-rca04.jpg Dave-Matthews-rca04.jpg
  • Run “Dave Matthews” and “environment” through Google and it’d be hard to miss reports of a tour bus rented by Dave Matthews Band dumping raw sewage off a bridge onto unsuspecting tourists passing on a riverboat below. Pretty nasty. And not very green. It still isn’t quite clear what exactly happened (the driver was recently charged), but it certainly doesn’t reflect well on the band’s formerly sparkling eco-reputation.  Dave Matthews is an eco-celeb....
  • Rather than passing the blame to the driver, the band began an investigation and donated $100,000 towards restoring the river outside Chicago. Just throwing money at the problem to deflect responsibility? Maybe. But we don’t really know what else they could do in such a situation, especially when they may not even be at fault themselves. The rest of the work Dave Matthews and his bandmates have done for the environment goes way beyond cash (though the grants distributed by their foundation, Bama Works, total more than $2 million).
  • They’ve planted trees to offset the carbon emissions of their touring, like other celebrities , but they get more creative, too: one of their projects involved scattering bikes around Charlottesville, Virginia to be used as low-impact, low-cost (free!) public transportation. Their Ben & Jerry’s flavor, One Sweet Whirled, supports global warming relief and education organizations. Matthews (and his band) are aware that the environmental battle has many fronts.
  • Dave Matthews Band announced their plan  to arrange for NativeEnergy and Clean Air-Cool Planet to offset 100% of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from their touring activities since 1991. By offsetting the CO2 pollution that touring activities such as transporting gear, powering stages and air travel generate, Dave Matthews Band has taken a proactive role in fighting global warming and helping Native America to restore sustainable homeland economies in balance with the Earth.
  • With NativeEnergy, the band ensures that its CO2 offsetting actually contributes directly to the construction of new, Native American and Native Alaskan renewable energy generators whose clean electricity will displace energy that would otherwise have to come from polluting coal-fired plants, reducing CO2 and other pollution on behalf of the band. In addition, DMB’s purchase supports financially additional offsets from wind farms in the Great Plains, that displace electricity on one of the most intensely coal-fired grids in the country.



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