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RainTube by GLI Systems Inc.

Close-up installation Close-up installation


RainTube is American innovation at its best in a deceptively simple looking building product packing a powerful boost to sustainability.


RainTube products prevent large and expensive amounts of water damage and waste from clogged gutters and are also used to filter, collect, store and distribute rainwater. They conserve diminishing and valuable water resources for reuse or delivery back to storage aquifers. RainTube removes plastic from landfills, improves structural durability, conserves water resources, reduces storm water runoff and minimizes structural maintenance and repair costs.


RainTube is Cradle to Cradle certified at the Gold Tier. One of only a handful of companies to achieve this hyper-green rating level. The RainTube product is porous, and made specifically to fit into rain gutters. It is made from 100% post-consumer, recycled food-grade containers such as milk jugs and is 100% recyclable and re-useable as raw material for new products. RainTube is delivered to the consumer with a post-use recovery plan. It is made with 100% renewable energy, very small amounts of recycled water and produces no off-gassing or other by-products and is even shipped without packaging. To reduce environmental impacts of transporting raw and finished materials, RainTube ships its lightweight product molds to partner factories that are more strategically located to the end users. Manufacturing then takes place closer to the market, dramatically reducing shipping miles and the corresponding carbon footprint.



215 S. 4th Street
Jacksonville, OR, 97530
United States
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