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Leeds University

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  • Leeds, the U.K.'s second-largest university, is a leader in eco-friendly waste management, and the school's work in that area has won it a Green Gown Award (Higher Education - Environmental Performance Improvement).
  • By replacing trash bins with recycling containers, it doubled the amount of recycling happening on campus.
  • The school has also changed its purchasing practices to favor recycled goods.
  • Environmental Initiaitives

    The University of Leeds is committed to imrpoving its own environmental performance as well as supporting and enabling local communities to address environmental concerns. The University employs an Environmental Officer and Transport Officer to oversee the broader environmental perfomance of the Institution. This has led to significant improvements and has been recognised through national and local awards. There is a plethora of environmental programmes underway at the University spanning travel and transport, waste management and minimisation as well as Fair tade and carbon management. For the full range of Environmental projects and principle environmental policies and strategies click here

    New Community Environment Group

    The University has this week endorsed the development of a working group for community environmental initiaitves which will feed into the main Environmental Steering Group chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor. The group is being formed in recognition of the concerns surrounding the local environment voiced by both the local community and our students. The remit of the group will be to oversee the development of both university and student-led initiatives which tackle local environmental issues such as waste generation and recycling especially during the student changeover periods, transport and parking as well as specific issues such as flyering and litter.

    Residences Environmental Reps

    The University first appointed Residence's Environmental Representatives in 2005 and the number has grown from 12 to 64 in 2007. To find out more about the work of the reps click here

    Student-Led Initiatives

    Students themselves are highly proactive in developing their own environmental projects. The Green Guide has been developed by students for students and contains a broad range of information regarding everything from energy efficieincy, how to engage with the local community through to ethical careers. For a copy of the broachure click here.

    Green Streets is a further student-led initiative which aims to minimise the environmental impact of the student changeover period. The focus of the project is re-use and recycling of unwanted items generated by student halls, student houses and local residents.


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