About Us

AmiGreenOrNot  was created to empower the green movement at the individual level.  Inspired by overwhelming evidence of global warming, a deep respect for our planet’s increasingly fragile ecosystem, and a commitment to promoting environmentally friendly lifestyles, we strive to build an online community to increase awareness, share ideas, and to collectively gain a richer understanding of what it really means to be “GREEN.”   

Our website’s main objectives are:

  • To provide a place where people, groups, businesses, and organizations from around the world can (a) publicly share and promote their green lifestyles and (b) get direct feedback from their peers.
  • To harness the wisdom of crowds as a way to (a) accumulate viewer opinions (b) compare one’s green lifestyle with another, and most importantly (c) help identify who among us is REALLY green….and who is REALLY not!!!!  

Meet our Co-Founders:

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