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World Species List Forest

 The World Species List Forest is owne


Sara Speer Selber

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Teen Advocates for Green Industries

            We are a youth group from the Bay Area who promotes cleaning up the plasic "island" gyres in the Pacifi
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Member of SVBC

I am a member of Silicon Valey Bicycle Coalition.

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We Can Solve It

We Can Solve The Climate Crisis

More than a million people are standing up for solutions.

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Moms United Boys To Men Club

Educating underserved and at risk youth to go green by fighting global warming today; each child plant  a tree.  One tree a day. 

Average: 6 (1 vote)

The “We Get It!” Campaign is a national effort to gather one million signatures on a simple statement by which Christians can show that they are

Average: 2.04 (24 votes)

We are an online tutoring service. We are green because we discourage people from wasting time, energy and fuel by driving to

Average: 5.76 (17 votes)



Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning organisation that acts to change attitudes and behaviour, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace by:

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Bare Naked Ladies


The band pitches in by fuelling their trucks and buses with biofuel, setting up an information eco-village they call Barenaked Planet, recycling and composting backstage debris and buying carbon of

Average: 6.94 (16 votes)

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