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This is Ed Begley

  • Ed Begley, Jr is a longtime environmental leader in the Hollywood community and a green pioneer
  • Begley's been driving an electric car since 1970.
  • Ed recharges his Toy
    Average: 9.15 (61 votes)

Gary Hirshberg

  • Gary Hirshberg is CEO of Stonyfield Farm and world renowned&nb

    Average: 8.44 (16 votes)

Alice Waters


"Food is destiny, all right; every decision we make about food has personal and global repercussions." By now it is generally conceded that the food we eat could actually be making us sic

Average: 8.29 (21 votes)

Ralph Nader, Consumer Activist

Indepenent Party Candidate Ralph Nader

Mr Nader's stated green positions/activities/accomplishments:

Average: 8.21 (19 votes)

Eric Corey Freed

Eric Corey Freed.jpg

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